Trainings and Workshops

In addition to the IBIS Ally Program, we program a variety of trainings and workshops that can be customized to your office or department. These trainings are called our IBIS Intersections programs.

These are workshops developed to create awareness, educate, and offer a safe space for individuals to learn about different aspects impacting the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies.  Workshops can be requested from the LGBTQ Center and are presented by the staff and Student Leaders who have been trained as facilitators.  

The goals of IBIS Intersections is to empower others through engaging activities utilizing our four pillars of training including: Awareness, Education, Skill development, and application.

Examples of trainings that we’ve done in the past include the Orientation Diversity Session for all incoming first-year students, student staff training for Housing and Residential Life, social identity, diversity, and gender and sexuality awareness trainings. These are all separate training from the IBIS Ally trainings.

Examples of workshops that we’ve led include Diversity & Intersectional Conversations (for faculty/staff), Key Components to Effective Leadership (for student organizations), Creating Inclusive Spaces (for advisors), and many more.

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