IBIS Ally Network Members

IBIS Ally Pledge

As an IBIS Ally, I pledge to serve as a resource and advocate for LGBTQIA+ community members at the University of Miami. I will strive to promote a positive campus community that is inclusive, supportive, and equitable for community members of all gender and sexual identities.

IBIS Ally Responsibilities

As an IBIS Ally, I agree to the following responsibilities:

  • I will serve as a knowledgeable resource to LGBTQIA+ community members.
  • I will be open and comfortable talking to community members about LGBTQ+ issues.
  • I will respect the privacy of community members that disclose information with me and disclose information based only on my professional judgment of need or concern.
  • I will serve as an advocate for LGBTQIA+ community members and confront acts of injustice or discrimination.
  • I will understand my limitations as an ally and refer community members to other allies who may offer additional support.
  • I will serve as a positive representation of the IBIS Ally Network and uphold my responsibilities professionally and responsibly.
  • I will remain aware of issues that the LGBTQIA+ community faces by continuing to educate myself and those around me.
  • I will incorporate my training into my professional practice by creating environments that are supportive and inclusive of LGBTQIA+ community members.

IBIS Ally Network Membership

This list of IBIS Ally Network members has taken the pledge and agreed to uphold their responsibilities as network members. Please note that these individuals gave their permission to be included on this list.